Why Singer Melina Rai Became Nervous With Pushpan Pradhan?

A Youtube video title just caught our attention which says 'why singer Melina Rai got shy in front of musician Pushpan Pradhan?'. The conversational video clip was published by Filmy Nepal today. We can see in the video that Melina Rai is recording a song for Nepali movie 'Summer Love'.

Musician Pushpan Pradhan and recordist both are conducting the recording with dictation. Singer Melina Rai is one of the most busy and popular singer in Nepal. Her movie songs have been successful to achieve millions of views in Youtube. Melina also frequently visits foreign countries for musical programs.

We hope you will love to watch the video till the end. We are wishing for early release of the official song and success of it - both song and singer Melina Rai.

#Source: Filmy Nepal Youtube Channel
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Nepali Police Chief Challenges Special Committee To Prove Him Wrong

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal has demanded resignation of Nepali police chief Sarbendra Khanal. MP Pramila Kumari of Federal Socialist expressed her objection to Nepal Police demanding IGP Khanal's resignation for not being able to arrest the culprit yet.

However, Police chief Sarbendar Khanal acknowledged the delay of investigation in Nirmala Panta's case as it is being more complicated. He said - 'sooner or later the culprit will be in hand of law'. IGP Khanal even vowed that he is ready to be taken off his police uniform if he is found of any pressure to anyone involved in Nirmala Panta's case.

#Video by Kendrabindu
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This Astrologer Predicted So Accurately About Shrinkhala Khatiwada

This is a recent happening about Miss Nepal World Shrinkhala Khatiwada when she was contesting for Miss World 2018 title in China. Then, young astrologer from Kathmandu, Nepal predicted that Shrinkhala won't win the Miss World title though she will reach to a certain level and achieve some other titles.

His name is Manish Sapkota. He seems very confident what is he saying. Astrologer Manish use and speaks both Nepali and English terms of astrology means he is also have the knowledge about modern science.

Some of the viewers even expressed their anger to Manish Sapkota's prediction. But after the final result of Miss World 2018 many viewers have praised his job in incredibly. Anyways, if you have not watched and heard what young astrologer Manish Sapkota has said about Shrinkhala Khatiwada then keep watching. Do not forget to leave your comment below.

#Video credit: Kendrabindu TV
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Parkha Parkha Mayalu - Mangalam

Nepali Movie MANGALAMA is scheduled for release on 11 Asoj 2074 (September 27, 2017) Fulpati - during Dashaina festival. Movie's first song 'Parkha Parkha Mayalu' is published on Youtube via Highlights Nepal's channel in 4K quality. It was hard to find poster of movie 'Mangalam' over the Internet. Even on their official Facebook page there are very few low quality poster.

In the song 'Parkha Parkha Mayalu' actors Pushpa Khadka and Shilpa Pokharel are featured. Playback singers Krishna Kafle and Bindu Pariyar both have well sung. Deepak Sharma's lyrics and music are somehow taste pop flavor with Nepali folk ingredients. Scene and costume are more likely Gurung and Sherpa's in the video. Kabiraj Gahatraj's choreography is excellent. Bishnu 'Kalpit' Ghimire is on camera and edited by Mirta Dev Gurung.

Chhabiraj Ojha is executive producer of the movie 'Mangalam' presented by Shilpa Pokharel. At the end of the video we may see Samragyee Shah holding movie poster as she is in in the movie as supporting role.

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Panche Baja Dance

'PANCHE BAJA' (पन्चे बाजा) is a traditional music milestone of Nepal. A typical set of musical interments by few ethnic group in Nepalese culture is also known as 'Nimti Baja'. Male and female singers sing song along with these musical instruments called 'BAJA'. This set of traditional instruments have a special role in the community. However, different groups are also encouraged by mixing their culture with their tradition and choices.

Similarly, 'Panche Baja' also have strong presence in recorded music and songs in Nepal. Nepali Folk singers have recorded at least one 'Panche Baja Dhun' in their singing career.

At present, in the digital world, songs of 'Panche Baja' are more common than usual folk music. Digital platform like in YouTube 'Panche Baja Dance' can be viewed abundantly.

Especially 'Panche Baja' is popular in Gandaki and Dhaulagiri area. There are dozens of songs are published in Youtube with titles like 'Panche Baja 2017', 'Panche Baja Dance', 'Panche Baja 2074' etc. There is also a trend in singing competition as well. At first male singer starts with some words of love or romance then female singer replies in line of start chorus which is called 'Panche Baja Dohori'.

Now, singers Kala Pangeni and Govinda Chapagain have released new 'Panche Baja' song with the title 'Man Bigarne Rani' @ https://youtu.be/1rURijnj1Os

#Video on Youtube
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Pal Shah and Anchal speak about marriage

Did you watch movie 'Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu'? How did you find actor Pal Shah on movie. Anyway, you must have watched many music video featuring Pal Shah and his girlfriend Anchal Sharma. After success of movie 'Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu' Pal is taking his own time for Anchal. They both were seen in an event and Filmypaty took the chance to talk them. Actors Pal Shah and Anchal Sharma have bound for new Nepali movie 'Johny Gentlemen' and schedule to release on September 15, 2017.

Their fans have already appreciated the chemistry in movie song. Without more ado watch this video to understand your best actors' love and marriage view form their very own words.

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Dhurmus rescues flood victims

National newspaper and online portal Samacharpati reports that comedian and social activist Sitaram Katel aka DHURMUS is now in flood affected are in Terai of Nepal. As we can see DHURMUS rescuing children and elders from submerged place he is further winning hearts of whole Nepal. He rebuild three villages in devastated earthquake damaged area. DHURMUS also can be seen disbursing foods to flood victims.

The weather forecast in Nepal is still disconcerted that will further trouble daily life of people in plain region of Nepal. Many people have been died and suffered from the flood already. We salute DHURMUS for his selfless act. Well done and God bless all.

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Fan cries at Ashirman Deshraj

Actor Ashsirman Deshraj and his producer Shweta Khadka have visited different schools and colleges in Kathmandu to promote their upcoming movie. During their visit students and fan of Shweta Khadka showed their curiosity about tattoo in her hand that was recently spotted and talked in different media. Actress cum producer has started actively participating in different projects after untimely demise of her husband Shress Krishna Shrestha. She answered humbly about tattoo that marks two dates representing most meaningful manner.

As we are not revealing what are the dates on Sweta Khadka's tattoo on her hand you have to watch the video to uncover. Find them if you can.

#A video report by Canadanepal
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Jyoti Magar feelings and moods

A recent hot interview with singer Jyoti Magar by Deep Creation in Kathmandu is published to Youtube and being viral. In this hot talk interview you can watch Jyoti Magar expressing her feelings and mood in the episode of 'Whattai Hit', a Youtube talk show. Folk Singer Jyoti Magar is also a model and dancer. She started her career in music since year 2006. She was born in a far remote village of Rolpa in western Nepal. She started living in Dang while she studied and completed.

Jyoti Magar started her first job as a Folk singer at age of 16 in Kathmandu, the she had been continuing the profession for almost three years. She later released her album and kept going rising for all sorts of songs and music video.

#Video credit: Youtube
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Live flight within police station in Pokhara

Recent flood in Nepal has disturbed flights to many destinations including Pokhara. An airline spokesmand and a flight captain of Buddha Air have said that all flights were diverted to Bhairahawa due to the weather and recent disasters. Because of heavy rainfall that has caused flood in Biratnagar Airport, airlines have announced that flights are being cancelled for regularly in recent days.

Another airline Yeti Airlines also has called to cancel flights to Biratnagar till next announcement. However, the manager Bhim Rai of Yeti Airlines Manager said that flights to other airports are resumed from Sunday. The airline posted to its Twitter handling informing its passengers about cancellation and updated schedule of its flights. 'Due to the flood at the runway, flights to Biratnagar will not be operated till August 15.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused,' the airline posted on social media.

#Video Source: Youtube
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