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Jyoti Magar feelings and moods

A recent hot interview with singer Jyoti Magar by Deep Creation in Kathmandu is published to Youtube and being viral. In this hot talk interview you can watch Jyoti Magar expressing her feelings and mood in the episode of 'Whattai Hit', a Youtube talk show. Folk Singer Jyoti Magar is also a model and dancer. She started her career in music since year 2006. She was born in a far remote village of Rolpa in western Nepal. She started living in Dang while she studied and completed.

Jyoti Magar started her first job as a Folk singer at age of 16 in Kathmandu, the she had been continuing the profession for almost three years. She later released her album and kept going rising for all sorts of songs and music video.

#Video credit: Youtube