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Panche Baja Dance

'PANCHE BAJA' (पन्चे बाजा) is a traditional music milestone of Nepal. A typical set of musical interments by few ethnic group in Nepalese culture is also known as 'Nimti Baja'. Male and female singers sing song along with these musical instruments called 'BAJA'. This set of traditional instruments have a special role in the community. However, different groups are also encouraged by mixing their culture with their tradition and choices.

Similarly, 'Panche Baja' also have strong presence in recorded music and songs in Nepal. Nepali Folk singers have recorded at least one 'Panche Baja Dhun' in their singing career.

At present, in the digital world, songs of 'Panche Baja' are more common than usual folk music. Digital platform like in YouTube 'Panche Baja Dance' can be viewed abundantly.

Especially 'Panche Baja' is popular in Gandaki and Dhaulagiri area. There are dozens of songs are published in Youtube with titles like 'Panche Baja 2017', 'Panche Baja Dance', 'Panche Baja 2074' etc. There is also a trend in singing competition as well. At first male singer starts with some words of love or romance then female singer replies in line of start chorus which is called 'Panche Baja Dohori'.

Now, singers Kala Pangeni and Govinda Chapagain have released new 'Panche Baja' song with the title 'Man Bigarne Rani' @

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