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Melina Rai New Song Lau Gori Featuring Barsha Raut & Akash Shrestha

Melina Rai

Singer Melina Rai’s new song ‘Lau Gori’ is released now. 8K Everest Motion Pictures has published the music video on its Youtube channel and trending as well with 412K views, 10K viewers engagements. Singers Tekendra Shah and Melina Rai have duo vocal on song.

Actress Barsha Raut and Akash Shrestha are paired in casting. Barsha and Akash are real jodi of life too. ‘Lau Gori’ video is produced by Manoj Basnet in the direction of Rajiv Samar.

Though the song is trending in Youtube Nepal and gained good views with engagements, ‘Lau Gori’ is not above average song in terms of music quality. Video making is just average. Having said that, singer Melina Rai and actress Barsha Raut’s fan and followers have already started to like the song and video which is proven being trend on Youtube.

Our best compliments and wishes are for entire team of ‘Lau Gori’. Keep watching Nepali songs and video. Love it – support it.

#Video by 8K Everest Motion Pictures

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