New Nepali Song ‘Timi Mero Jindagiko’ by Melina Rai

Melina Rai

Are you fan of singer Melina Rai? Have you had chance to watch Melina Rai’s new video ‘Timi Mero Jindagiko’? Shann Thapa directed new Nepali song video featuring singer Melina Rai and Rewat Rai is on Melina’s own Youtube channel.

Jagat Nobit’s words and music composed by renown musician Tara Prakash Limbu, song ‘Timi Mero Jindagiko’ is a romantic song. Words are played around love and romance. Melody of the song is plain in slow flow, you can score an average song of Melina Rai.

Video recording and editing both are skillful featuring both singers in a frame. However, direction of the video could have been much better than this. Anyway, the music video production itself is a great job with fewer resources. Melina’s fan will definitely love to watch her featuring in her own song. Give her a thumbs up! Watch it, love it, share it!

#Credit: Melina Rai’s Youtube Channel

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