Why Singer Melina Rai Became Nervous With Pushpan Pradhan?

A Youtube video title just caught our attention which says 'why singer Melina Rai got shy in front of musician Pushpan Pradhan?'. The conversational video clip was published by Filmy Nepal today. We can see in the video that Melina Rai is recording a song for Nepali movie 'Summer Love'.

Musician Pushpan Pradhan and recordist both are conducting the recording with dictation. Singer Melina Rai is one of the most busy and popular singer in Nepal. Her movie songs have been successful to achieve millions of views in Youtube. Melina also frequently visits foreign countries for musical programs.

We hope you will love to watch the video till the end. We are wishing for early release of the official song and success of it - both song and singer Melina Rai.

#Source: Filmy Nepal Youtube Channel

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